Why Contour Travel?

Because we can only keep travelling if we REALLY go for sustainable tourism.

Contour Travel was founded by Wouter Claessens in 2019.
After his studies (Tourism & Recreation Management) and a first job in the tourism sector he got into the world of B2B incentive travel.
Beautiful destinations, unique activities and unequalled luxury: these were the characteristics of every trip.

“For 10 years I absolutely enjoyed the marvelous and exciting adventures of travelling the world with so many groups.
At the same time I also experienced and realized that tourism changes the world.

Its democratization has led to the biggest number of travellers ever, an increase that isn’t always a positive thing.
The impact of aviation on global warming increases year after year. Tourist destinations complain about overcrowded squares and sights. Real estate prices go up in hotspots at the expense of the local residents who have to move. And nature is pushed aside affecting fauna and flora.”

Companies often have to limit the time for an incentive or teambuilding activity.
Isn’t it logical then to stay closer to home and minimalize the biggest impact of the whole trip (and not fly)?

Contour Travel wants to:

  • highlight destinations that can be reached by bus, train, (or even bike)
  • work with suppliers who have a sustainable vision at the base of their program or story
  • show that unique activities and luxury can perfectly be combined with a sustainable travel project

Do you have little time to travel? Travel more consciously! 

Whereabouts & inspiration?

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