conscious incentives &
teambuilding !

Contour Travel: conscious and custom tours for your group or team.

At Contour, we love to explore the world and that is exactly why we want to cherish it! We create short-haul incentives and teambuilding that prove conscious travel and amazing experiences go perfectly hand in hand.  

Incentive ... or teambuilding?

Looking to travel with your customers, suppliers or colleagues?

When we organize your incentive, we focus on the leisure & fun character of the trip. We go for wow-experiences, ranging from mouth-watering dishes to breathtaking activities and engaging visits. Perfect for your employees, suppliers, partners or clients, as a reward or just to get to know each other. 

If the prime purpose of the program is to achieve a team that is united, cohesive and strong we rather talk about a teambuilding. The content (e.g. leadership, resilience, group cohesion) is superior to the framework of the program. In general, these programs focus more on employees and/or partners being the audience. 

Often, we end up with a program where the two are combined. 

Premium, tailor-made itineraries

With Contour Travel each project is unique and of high quality. Tailored to your specific wishes, we aim for a top-quality outcome.

Thanks to our extensive experience in incentive & teambuilding project management, we know what it takes to have everything run smoothly. After all, we want you to fully enjoy your trip!

Travel consciously

We care about our planet and we care about the places to which we travel.
This drives the choices we make:

  • staying closer to home
  • opting for low-impact activities, accommodation and means of transportation
  • favoring small-scale local suppliers

We respectfully blend nature, adventure and culture into every program.

Whereabouts & inspiration?

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