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Conscious, custom-made travel packages? How does that work?
Find the answers to all your questions below.

There are 4 reasons why Contour Travel, next to tailormade trips, focusses on sustainability and conscious travel.

1. We want to fight global warming and do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. We do this by staying closer to home, opting for the most responsible mode of transportation, replacing motorized transfers by walking, selecting hotels equipped with renewable energy sources, and so on.

2. We feel that we have to drastically reduce the damage we do to our environment. Contour Travel believes in small actions such as recycling and reusing, consuming locally, avoiding plastics, a bluefin tuna-free diet, and using biodegradable detergent for towels and bed linen. Only by taking action, we can fight pollution.

3. It goes without saying that we repay the communities to which we travel. Revenues from tourism often leave the country in which they were spent. We favor small-scale local suppliers and tour guides.

4. We travel to connect with nature, to respectfully immerse ourselves in the local culture, and to taste national cuisine. All of which culminates in a satisfactory and Zen experience for you. We aim for you to forget your bucket list, your instaperfect picture or the endless list of hot-destinations-everybody-has-been-to-except-for-you. The most memorable and impressive locations are not on your to-do list and don’t require you getting in line for a snapshot.

In this day and age, companies can easily calculate the economic out-turn of most of their endeavors. If you possess the right data and the adequate analysis, you can find out exactly what your profits and losses are, and how to manage them.

Sustainability cannot always be summarized in figures.

What we cán do:

1. We teamed up with Go Forest, an organization working on nature positivity whereby they actively work on the restoration of nature and biodiversity. Depending on the projects Contour Travel commits to, the focus is a little different each time but the basic principles apply everywhere. Because forests are super important!
Everyone who travels with Contour Travel contributes €20 per person to Go Forest for each travel project.

2. On top of our contribution to Go Forest, we compensate the carbon emission produced by plane travel with Greentripper.
For official compensation, they work with certified projects where we do not talk about trees but about carbon credits which can be obtained from these projects (and where 1 carbon credit corresponds to 1 tonne of CO2).
Everyone who participates in a Contour Travel trip where a flight is taken pays a compensation calculated through Greentripper.

3. Every one of our custom-made packages contains a report of the reasons behind our selection of certain hotels, activities or restaurants. You get a clear insight into the ways Contour Travel puts sustainability first.

4. Short-term incentives or teambuildings can take place in short-haul destinations. We don’t travel outside of Europe.

We strongly believe that by listening to our common sense and being more mindful about the way we travel, we’re on the right track in looking after our planet and the people on it.

Since every one of our travel packages is uniquely tailored to your demands, it can go in a million different directions.

Are we going away for 2, 3 or 4 days? Are we visiting Belgium, our neighbors or another (European) country? 

Did you opt for an active program? We might go hiking, surfing, cycling or bungee jumping. 

Did you prefer culture? We’ll reach out to an unrivalled tour guide for fabulous city exploration. 

Or do you choose a teambuilding where we investigate the mental resilience within your company? 

Of course, you’re also free to choose a relaxing vacation, in which case we will find you the perfect hotel to watch the waves rolling over the beach from your hammock. 

Transforming your wishes into unique packages, that’s our job.


No, but we’re happy to refer you to the right partner.

Everything depends on your request. The ideal group consists of 20 to 30 people, but every project is custom-fabricated, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We always call upon our staff or trusted freelance professionals. We furthermore recommend that you meet your companion beforehand, so you can depart with complete confidence.

You are always accompanied by someone who speaks French, Dutch, and English.

No. Contour Travel doesn’t provide public packages to which you can subscribe. You can assemble your own travel group (with your company, colleagues, friends or family) to request a custom program.

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