With what we do, we want to have impact.
And... make a pact with you.


Because you organize your event for a reason: is it to reward your employees, thank customers, get your team on the same page or optimize your sales. You invest and obviously want to see results from it.

Contour helps you maximize the impact of your event, to achieve the intended goals.

At the same time, most of our projects have a major impact at:

  • Nature
  • Climate
  • The environment
  • The locals
  • Society at large

Mostly positive (employment, nature protection, CSR projects, education, ...), but we should certainly also dare to look at the other side of the coin (mass tourism, endangered habitats for fauna & flora, increase in greenhouse gases, exploitation of personnel, ...).

Contour stands for CONscious TOURrism - conscious travel - and would love to take the adventure with you to make your event, meeting or incentive a conscious story!

How we do that?


We are happy to make a pact with you.

A sincere handshake that communicates your intentions and validates ours.

How then?

We ask you the questions to find out how consciously you want to work on your own.

  • What destination do you want to travel to?
  • How do you want to get to the destination?
  • What activities do you want to schedule locally?
  • Are there CSR elements you want to incorporate?
  • Where are we going to spend the night?
  • What do we serve at meals?
  • What info do we give to participants?

Once we know your needs , we get to work on our own STGs (Sustainable Tourism Goals) that are derived from the UN's SDGs.

See below Contour's STGs.

With what we do, we want to have impact.
And... make a pact with you.

Our STGs (sustainable TOURISM goals).

Meaningful Collaborations

  • With the customer (you): build a sincere and transparent relationship
  • With suppliers: strong partnerships so that we can carry out our projects in an ethical and quality manner. We encourage them to act sustainably and innovatively

Viable Knowledge

  • We communicate about the initiatives we have taken to organize the project as sustainably as possible
  • Tips & tricks: what you can do to do your part while traveling
  • Additional info: health advice, cultural background, sightseeing...

Mindful Transport

  • Getting to the destination in the most conscious way possible and moving locally
  • We strive to reduce greenhouse gases

Sustainable Accomodation

  • Easily accessible location
  • Revenues that preferably circulate locally
  • Respectful treatment of staff
  • Solid design
  • Attention to innovative energy supply and energy-saving measures
  • Eco-friendly housekeeping

Beneficial Activities

  • With respect for flora and fauna
  • Highlighting activities driven by nature or muscle power
  • In addition to highlights, unknown places/destinations certainly get a place in the programs
  • Immersion in and respect for culture, avoidance of cultural stereotypes
  • Involvement of locals
  • Regular activities of an educational nature

Proper Waste and Water Management

  • Reduce waste and recycle efficiently
  • Single use plastic avoid
  • Reusable = standard
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Striving for clean drinking water
  • Good water and sanitation facilities for local people

Honest Fares

  • Correct payments, no partners are pressured
  • The right people are rewarded appropriately
  • Long-term economic growth
  • Awareness around what we buy, locally produced souvenirs
  • Income comes locally

Fair Food

  • Short chain
  • Organic
  • Varied menus (vegetarian, vegan, etc.)
  • Embracing the local food culture
  • Minimal overproduction, surpluses with a purpose

Go Forest & Go Ocean

We support GoForest & GoOcean. For every project we do, a contribution per person per day goes to the GoFamily.

Go Forest is a young company founded in 2020 with Sarah Parent and Antoine Geerinckx as the driving forces behind the tree-planting, planet-saving mission. Go Forest works with structural partners who have been working on reforestation for some 15 years.
They believe that sustainability should be something natural. Deforestation is a problem that affects us all, and at Go Forest, they work every day to find a solution!

Go Ocean was founded in 2023, as a sister company to Go Forest.
Later, their Go Smart Digital colleague Tim Sterckx joined them out of a great motivation to accelerate ocean recovery in his network as well.
In January 2024, they attracted investor and new shareholder RAFF plastics, which brought in additional expertise, a new network and unstoppable enthusiasm.

One by one, both organizations employ amazing people with a strong vision, endless enthusiasm and the motivation to take Go Forest & Go Ocean to the next green level.

What (the clients of) Contour Travel have (contributed) to date can be found here.

the trip with Greentripper.

Compensate with Greentripper.

We give you the choice to offset your carbon emissions from the trip with Greentripper..

Greentripper calculates the greenhouse gas emissions from travel (carbon equivalent) and, to offset this impact, offers to contribute financially to the development of projects in developing countries by acquiring carbon credits.

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