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  • Thanking Customers
  • Showing appreciation for your suppliers
  • Motivate and retain colleagues

Yes, a incentive - whether combined with a team building or not - is the right move.

Wow experiences, good food, once-in-a-lifetime activities: we've got you covered.

Do you want to put extra bets on the cohesion and cooperation of your target audience, then we add a layer of team building.

Team Building

Activities focused on the strengthening relationships and cooperation within a group of people?

Yep, that's team building.

It often includes planned exercises, games or workshops designed to enhance the team spirit promote mutual trust build up, communication improve and collaboration skills develop.

The ultimate goal of a team building:

  • Improve team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Foster a positive team dynamic
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Kick-off, product launch, training, board meeting, co-working ... abroad? How do you get started?

We know!

With fresh partners we give your project the proper framing and logistic monitoring.

  • Registration website
  • Travel, even though participants are located all over the world
  • The ideal spaces and necessary audiovisual equipment
  • Activities and dinners that will take your meeting to the next level

Let's co-create!


  • Your employees in the spotlight
  • Thanking customers during a themed party
  • Another reason to celebrate?

When the project is on 1 day has ended and there no overnight stay involved we are talking about a event.
Here, too, we are happy to assist you.

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How we work

According to the MOPED method


1. Measure

We schedule a meeting (online or offline) in which we will identify your needs for your incentive, team building, meeting or event and exchange ideas. This meeting is non-binding and serves as an introduction, during which we zoom in on your needs.


2. Offer

We turn your ideas into a detailed quotation and budget which we like to present: details of the program (times, locations, accommodations, transportation options, activities ...) are shared transparently.
Depending on the complexity of a project, we charge a fee that will be deducted from confirmation. 


3. Plan

You confirm: hooray! We discuss deliverables (by when to collect what data through our registration website, how to communicate to final participants...) and payment methods. The project's agenda is taking shape.

A app with the program will be shared shortly before departure.


4. Execution

The incentive trip, meeting or event itself: an involvement from A to Z, from morning to evening, from the first guest to the last, from the starting point to the end point - Contour Travel takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on the heart of the matter.


5. Debrief

A debriefing; how did the event go, what are the learnings, where can we adjust and where did we exceed expectations? Did we stay within budget or did we add additional costs in consultation?
Maybe we can dream together about the next project?

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