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Groningen / Friesland
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Shrimp fishing and tasting with appetizers and bubbles on board
Visit Afsluitdijk Wadden Center with introduction
Stay in the heart of Groningen
Sharing dinner, a mix of Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean
Tour around Lake Paterwoldsemeer with E-choppers or bikes.
Guided walk and boat tour of Groningen
Private Rooftop dinner with party
Sailing trip on the Wadden Sea
Lunch and stop in Utrecht with a game of bowling


Groningen is a province in the North of the Netherlands with a diverse economy, strong agricultural and energy sectors, and a rich culture and history. 

The capital, also called Groningen, is an important knowledge center with a vibrant cultural scene, think of the Forum, and historic sights. Groningen is also known as a college town where residents have an average age of 36 - a very young town So. 

Groningen offers a wide range of dining options with cuisines from all over the world, from traditional Dutch to international. Many diverse and trendy restaurants have been added that innovative and creative dishes serve where you absolutely need a Fine Dining Experience gets. There are also regional classics such as Groninger mustard soup and the egg ball, a local snack. 

When you leave the center of Groningen behind you, in just under an hour you are at the beautiful Wadden Sea which also offers a lot of possibilities. Make a sailing trip, go mudflats Or enjoy the fresh fish specialties in the harbor. 

With his countless opportunities Groningen and its surroundings is the ideal destination for your incentive And in doing so, be sure of a varied and extensive program.

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