During winter directly to the North of Norway: Tromsø from Brussels Airport

Starting Oct. 31, the Norwegian with flights at Brussels Airport. The Norwegian airline will offer direct flights twice a week throughout the winter to Tromsø (on Thursdays and Sundays). The ideal place with the greatest chance of spotting the northern lights during the polar nights. 

Rest assured: we put together a great program! 

Day 1: Sunday

Departure at 12:50, arrival at 16:10. 

Tromsø is a beautiful city among fjords, islands and mountains, with a fascinating history, a lively, colorful city center, a lively nightlife and numerous attractions. We use the city as a base.

Dining in town, after a first Aurora hike. 

Day 2: Monday

About a 30-minute drive from Tromsø, you will drive a scenic route along the fjord and mountains of Kvaløya. During this drive there is a Sami which tells more about the history of the Sami and shares personal stories of what it is like to grow up as a minority in Norway. 

The journey continues on snowshoes to the reindeer herder and his reindeer that live freely in the mountain areas. Here guests experience how the herder watches the reindeer herd to the feeding area. Once the herd is gathered, there is an opportunity to feed the reindeer by hand. There is also a gathering in a lavvu where guests can enjoy around the fire and learn more about the Sami and their traditions.

Lunch we do in the open air. 

Day 3: Tuesday

Go on an extraordinary adventure and discover the breathtaking scenery from on the enchanted sea. Experience a fascinating journey through the Tromsø Gorge and venture into the nearby fjords and islands. Immerse yourself in the magnificent vistas, immerse yourself in the history of the carefully restored ship.

In the evening, we continue our adventure: dog sledding and northern lights

The first thing you hear upon arrival at the farm are the 300 Alaskan huskies eager for a ride. The guide gives you clothes and instructions on what is about to happen. Then suddenly there is a stillness and you become one with nature. 

After dog sledding in the forest, return to camp and warm up the lavvo where you will dine.

Day 4: Wednesday 

Explore the pristine, snowy wilderness during a fantastic snowmobile safari. Throughout the frozen landscapes you will see breathtaking vistas, pristine nature and feel the thrill of adventure.

We will stop at the Tromsø Ice Domes, a unique ice structure which is newly constructed each fall in the Tamok Valley. The guides will take you through the domes and ice sculptures that has a new theme each year. 

Day 5: Thursday 

A quiet morning, free to fill in - or another optional activity? 

The flight leaves at 16:25, we will be in Brussels at 19:50.

Ready for Norway? Yes takk! 

Price from € 3600 for a 5-day program for 25 people. 

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