From rails to trails - discover France by train

France, one of our neighboring countries and also known as a popular vacation destination. Not only for a vacation, but also for an incentive, meeting or event this can be the prime location are. 

Looking to the future, they want to put more effort into sustainable travel and highlight initiatives such as rail travel. They also want to boost bicycle tourism and aim to be a world destination in that area by 2030.

Which trendy destination do we like to highlight for your incentive, meeting or event? 

Lyon, a vibrant and dynamic city that offers a lot of opportunities for your team or company. In less than four hours you can be on site by TGV from Brussels. 

What to do in Lyon?

  1. Explore the narrow streets of the old town that is an integral UNESCO World Heritage Site
  2. Hop on the cable car to Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica for panoramic views of the city
  3. Ride in 2cvs through the Beaujolais region - which, by the way, is sometimes compared to Tuscany - and taste wine in the surrounding vineyards
  4. Have lunch in an impressive and covered market hall with lots of local and international specialties
  5. Drive a little further to Lac des Sapins for various water activities, an initiation horseback ride around the lake or admire the view while hanging from a zipline 
  6. ...

Not just exploring Lyon? For example, still explore Saint-Étienne where you are half an hour away by train and where design and creativity take center stage.

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