Roaring 20's

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Wallonia, Belgium
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Themed party: the roaring 20's
Entertainment at reception by Piccolos
Accessories on arrival
Flapper girls
Jazz band during reception
Plated dinner: an outstanding 3-course dinner
Photo booth
Rich decoration
Performance by the Soulbrothers
DJ until the early hours
Option to stay overnight

Roaring 20's

Yes, the roaring twenties can be an incredibly fun and engaging theme for a party! This period, which often refers to the 1920s, is known for its vibrant culture, art deco style, jazz music, and exciting parties. Here are a few reasons why a roaring twenties theme is an great choice Is for a party:

  1. Retro glamour: The roaring twenties bring a sense of glamour and elegance. Think flapper dresses, feather boas, and elegant suits with suspenders and hats. This gives guests the chance to dress in stylish, retro outfits, which is always a hit at parties.
  2. Lively music: The 1920s were the era of jazz and swing music. With this music, you can create an energetic atmosphere that encourages people to dance and have fun. Consider a live jazz band or a DJ playing music from that era.
  3. Authentic decorations: Art deco is the signature style of the roaring twenties, with geometric patterns, gold accents, and clean lines. You can decorate your party venue with art deco elements, such as mirrors, candles, and vintage furniture, to create an authentic atmosphere.
  4. Classic cocktails: The 1920s was also the time of Prohibition in the United States, which led to the rise of speakeasies and classic cocktails. This provides an opportunity to set up a retro cocktail bar with popular drinks such as the Martini, Sidecar, and Old Fashioned.
  5. Creative activities: For extra fun, you can host different activities, such as dance contests, a photo booth with 1920s accessories, or even a speakeasy-like atmosphere where guests need a password to enter.
  6. Theme in stories and films: The roaring twenties is a popular theme in literature and film, such as in "The Great Gatsby." This gives you plenty of inspiration for decorations, music, and even theme acts that you can use to enhance the party experience.

A roaring twenties theme offers many room for creativity and gives you the chance to make a unique and memorable experience create for your guests. So if you're looking for a theme that is both glamour as fun offers, then this is an excellent choice for your next party!

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