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Individual trip planning for international participants: registration module and individual follow-up
Arrival and welcome reception
Live hacking: collaboration at different locations in the hotel (meeting room, lobby...)
Live hacking event: full day in which the hotel's entire conference facilities were taken over
Social event: catamaran ride on the Tagus River, tuktuks for exploring the old city, dinner with a view of the river
Ceremony and farewell drinks


Lisbon is a fantastic city for and at the same time offers numerous fun activities for relaxation and team building. Here are some reasons why Lisbon is an ideal destination for this type of event:

  1. Excellent meeting venues: Lisbon has a wide range of conference centers, hotels and other facilities suitable for business meetings of various sizes. Whether you are planning a large conference or a more intimate team meeting, there are many options to choose from.
  2. Unique team activities: In addition to business facilities, Lisbon offers an array of activities perfect for team building and relaxation. You can think about boat trips on the Tagus River, bike tours of the city, or visiting historic sites such as the Jerónimos Monastery and the Torre de Belém.
  3. Culinary delight: Lisbon is known for its delicious cuisine. After the meeting, enjoy traditional Portuguese dishes such as bacalhau, pasteis de nata and various seafood. There are many excellent restaurants suitable for business dinners or informal group meals.
  4. Rich culture and history: Lisbon has a rich history and many cultural attractions. This makes it an interesting place for participants who have some free time after the meetings. Visit the historic Alfama district, the lively Bairro Alto district, or the modern Parque das Nações.
  5. Accessibility and accommodation: Lisbon is well served by the Humberto Delgado International Airport. The city has an efficient public transportation system, making it easy to get around, a huge advantage. In addition, there are numerous accommodations, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels, to suit different needs.
  6. Weather and atmosphere: Lisbon generally has a mild climate, making it a pleasant destination for meetings and activities. The atmosphere in the city is relaxed and friendly, contributing to a pleasant experience for participants.

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