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Groningen, one of the largest cities in Northern Netherlands. A city known for its culinary delights - yes, for me that includes the egg ballvibrant events, cultural heritage and several sights you can't look past. 

As a newbie in the travel industry, I joined them for three days in December on discovery and it would turn out afterwards that the city had my exceeded expectations. With the idea that Groningen functioned primarily as a student city, I was very curious as to how this city could add value in the context of an incentive trip or team building. 

After arriving, we visited several venues, took a city walk and visited the Groninger Museum. For dinner, we slid our feet under the table at Mr. Mofongo where dishes from all over the world are on the menu. Besides the restaurant you will discover a rooftop wine bar and a trendy cocktail bar where a robotic arm - very impressive - takes care of your drinks. If afterwards the thirst is still great, you can go to many cozy and trendy bars. Nightlife in Groningen, check!

The following days we visited the sailing monument - the "Willem Jacob," Vesting Bourtange, the Forum, the Grain Republic and Landgoed Verhildersum. An absolute must visit is 't Ailand Lauwersoog. You immediately feel welcome by Jan and Barbara who, as managers of the restaurant, ensure that fresh fish is on the table daily. You enjoy the view of the harbor, the fishing boats and the sunny Wad over which you look out to Schiermonnikoog. And ... the tastiest oysters can be found with them!

Why choose this destination?
The city absolutely surprised me and I got the feeling that anything is possible. If you want to visit Groningen with your group or company there is undoubtedly something for everyone and that makes this a very valuable destination. Immerse yourself in the Dutch hospitality And enjoy Groningen - or 'Grunn' as the locals say there!

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