Go Forest & Go Ocean vs. Greentripper

Importance of both approaches

It is important to note that just carbon offsetting or just planting trees will not solve the climate problem. It requires a coordinated approach in which multiple solutions be combined.

It's an "and and" situation: In addition to carbon offsetting and the planting of trees is behavior change also essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable lifestyle promote.

By both approaches embrace, Contour Travel creates a double positive impact: you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also contribute to the long-term restoration of ecosystems and communities.

Planting trees as climate action (Go Forest)

  • Long-term CO2 uptake:
    Trees absorb CO2 as they grow, making a long-term positive contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Socio-economic benefits now:
    Planting trees brings direct socioeconomic benefits such as employment, greening areas and creating green spaces for communities.
  • Transparency:
    Not all tree projects offer an impact dashboard as Go Forest does, to ensure as much transparency as possible.

Certified carbon offset (Greentripper)

  • Direct positive impact:
    Each ton of offset CO2 equivalent equals one ton of CO2 equivalent reduced, avoided or stored, ensuring direct climate benefits.
  • Certified and transparent:
    The projects Greentripper works with meet the highest standards for the "voluntary carbon market," namely Gold Standard and VCS. Greentripper and these projects offer a certified approach that is audited and validated annually by external parties (including Forum Ethibel).
  • Socioeconomic benefits:
    In addition to climate benefits, certified projects often provide socioeconomic benefits such as employment and community development.

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