24 Hour Meet Limburg

Thursday, April 25, noon - and the starting signal for 24-hour Meet in Limburg was given.

Time to be immersed in all that Limburg has to offer. Both in terms of locations, and activities, and the best places to eat good food, after 24 hours we would have a lot of new inspiration amassed. 

Speaker Filip Muyllaart came to present everything smoothly where we then had the chance to speak to all the suppliers on site and get the necessary information. After several interesting conversations it was time to head out. We boarded some silent sloops. What right? Electric sloops that allow you to explore the Meuse Lakes. You don't need a boating license and yet you have the chance to get behind the helm and get to know the Meuse in silence thanks to the different sailing routes.

After a successful dinner at Cachecour we could sleep on both our ears in Martin's Rental Agency. The hotel is located in the heart of an exceptional historical site - the Land Commandery of Alden Biesen. 

Our final hours kicked off with electric scooters along the Haspengouw blossom route. The various routes, surrounded by fruit orchards, offer a lot of possibilities towards activities and stops with the options of exploring them by e-step, e-bike or even by e-golf cart. 

After 24 hours, it became absolutely clear that Limburg has a lot to offer and that this could be an ideal location for your meeting, event or team building.

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