Inspiration Colombia

Full of eagerness, we left early for Amsterdam on a drizzly Tuesday in April.
From here we would take the plane to Bogota, Colombia

Little read in, but very curious as to what these intriguing destination would bring. 

The flight with KLM was, as usual, smooth and pleasant. Surely the service of our northern neighbors remains at an excellent level! 

Ideal: this +/- 11-hour flight stops in Bogota, then flies on to Cartagena, and from there back to Europe. Ideal for exploring the country and flying back from the lovely Caribbean coast. 

An ideal program for a incentive

Day 1: flying and arrival in Bogota. 

You arrive in the afternoon, transfer to the hotel and start with a city tour

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Bogota, by far one of the top hotels in the city (not surprising, then, that we also happened to be staying here with Brazilian President Lula and his Colombian counterpart). 

Day 2: A full day Bogota. A big city (7 million inhabitants) where there is much to discover. Think of the gold museum, the cozy neighborhoods with hip restaurants in an industrial setting, a stop for coca tea with rum, a street performance by a local dance group, a visit to the house of peace (where ex FARC rebels aspire to a meaningful future), and a visit by cable car to a magnificent panoramic point on Mount Monserrate (3150m above sea level). 

An animated dinner at one of the craziest restaurants you've seen! 

Day 3 & 4: For the next 2 days, there are 2 options:

  1. You visit the coffee region: a mountainous region where you will discover the secrets of Colombian coffee, bike through the plantations, visit the cocora valley with its super large wax palms, and enjoy the atmosphere in the haciendas where you stay. 
  2. A stop in Medellin: this city has undergone a profound transformation since Escobar's Medellín cartel was broken up. Think tropical vegetation, a center where Belgian architecture is prominent. The people there are extremely friendly, creative and very positive. El Poblado is the neighborhood with the highest hipster level. Going out, eating, drinking and funky hotels: look no further!
    You can also visit some of the smaller coffee farmers from Medellin. 

Day 5 travel on to Cartagena where the historic center, El Centro, is surrounded by thick city walls. Here you will find many lovely little squares, beautiful colonial buildings and quaint streets. This part of the city has been incredibly well preserved over the centuries and has been on the Unesco World Heritage List. You will also find the modern city with luxurious hotels with rooftop clubs and pools overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
Activities? A sunset trip on a catamaran, a rich rum tasting, a visit to the city and a great cooking class. 

Retrieved from day 7 are you ready to go for your last 2 nights to Baru to travel with speedboats

This peninsula lets you still get a taste of the unparalleled Caribbean atmosphere. Relax and enjoy the sun, warm water and sultry vibe one last time. Party on the beach as a finale is a must!
Our favorite hotels: Sofitel Baru and Las Islas

Retrieved from day 9 we return after noon by boat back to Cartagena.
Rinse off the salt during your last hotel stop before boarding the plane in the evening. 

Day 10: Arrival, back to reality. 

Don't have as much time? We can customize this program to suit your needs.

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