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Deepening collaboration


Hike in the Ardennes
Two coaches (HR background) guiding the group
Doing and thinking exercises while walking
Luxurious picnic stop in a meadow
Adrenaline activity: free fall on a pendulum in a quarry
Closing with and glass


Team building in nature is an excellent way to maximize the benefits of team building. There are several reasons why:

  1. Connection with nature: The natural environment helps people relax and disconnect from the daily stresses of office work. This can have a positive effect on team dynamics and the overall mood of team members.
  2. Stimulates creativity and problem solving: Nature offers unique challenges and situations that require creative thinking and effective problem solving. This helps team members step outside their usual thinking patterns and find innovative solutions together.
  3. Physical activities promote cooperation: Many team-building activities in nature, such as hiking, climbing or canoeing, require physical exertion and cooperation. This strengthens the bond between team members and promotes teamwork.
  4. Encourages communication and interaction: Without the distractions of technology and daily routines, team members can better focus on each other and communicate more effectively. This leads to deeper and more meaningful interactions.
  5. Positive impact on health and well-being: Being outdoors in nature has proven benefits for physical and mental health. Fresh air, exercise and stress reduction contribute to better overall health, which in turn improves team productivity and morale.

By organizing team building activities in nature, an organization can benefit from the unique advantages provided by the outdoors, leading to a stronger, more cohesive and effective team.

By focusing on guidance by certified coaches, we took this group to the next level. 

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